Monday, May 17, 2010

Rice, is not my friend...

Remember my sushi episode??

Well... I have decided that rice is not a friend to me and my band.

(I haven't had a bad attack since the sushi but over the last couple of weeks I have noticed that whenever I eat rice.... it get's close to causing a SERIOUS problem.)

So, goodbye rice... it was nice knowing you. You were such a good friend once, but now you make me uncomfortable and make me want to throw up. I know, I know... tough words for such a dear friend... but it's the truth. Since you can't be a friend to me, I can no longer can have you in my life. sniff.

Gone, are our talks over sushi, fried rice, tofu rolls... I'll remember those days with fondness but I just can't tolerate your affect on me any longer. Consider this note our final farewell.... sniff. sniff.

I'll try to find some comfort with our other friend Chow Mein... but unfortunately I see that relationship being very limited. sigh.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

that is a darn shame-well maybe you could substitute it with some shredded caramel apple.