Tuesday, March 30, 2010

1 week post op

1 week ago today I was having surgery. It's still all very surreal. : )

I am one week post op and today is the 1st day that I feel even a bit normal. Here is the low down on my 1st week.

1-3 days post op - Gas pains in shoulder, and a lot of burping and tooting, not hungry at all.

2-5 days post op - Felt like when I drank anything that it was hitting a big bubble somewhere in my middle (mostly at the start of a meal), When I talked alot I would have to to take a break because it felt like a big bubble of air was forming in middle of chest.

4 days post op - I felt hunger for the 1st time but it wasn't a normal hunger feeling more like an empty/achy feeling.

5-6 days post op - mostly off pain meds but every evening my shoulder and arm would hurt and my insides of my stomach felt "tender" to the point that I would medicate back up. Finding that about 1 1/4 cup of soup/protein drink fills me up perfectly. Eating about 4 times a day soup/protein drink... with other liquids filling in the day. (apple juice/water)

7 days post op - Just felt normal today... for the 1st time since surgery. Reminding myself that I need to take it slow. My stomach itches around the wounds in my belly.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The worst flight of my life!

I am home! Yeah!!! But in order to make it home I had to fly from South Dakota to Utah with a layover in Denver. Those flights were positively the worst flights of my life. I have never felt so sick flying. I think it was probably the meds causing the problem but I don't know. The second flight into Utah was horrid... I was so nauseated that I really don't know how I made it. Let's just say, that I was praying the entire flight that I would make it. With such a recent surgery on my stomach I think throwing up would have been very bad for me and my healing process.

A big THANK YOU to the Canadian Stranger next to me in 12D, you did so well having a sick seat mate. Thanks for your attempts at distractions. You were my personal angel. : )

It's good to be home. Glad I had a few days to recover before having to be mom again. But here at home is where I should be... I sure missed my boys. It's good to be home.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just hanging at my In Laws home. I think I got rid of most of my gas last night... I still feel funny inside my body. Lots of unknown gurgling going on... but over all I am doing good. I need to run a few errands (or should I say "walk a few errands" There will be no running for me quite yet.) Anyways.. I'll take it easy and go for a drive and get a few drugs that I need.

Still not hungry... just drinking protein shakes/soups/applesauce/yogurt to keep me from feeling anything negative. It takes me about 25 mins to drink one shake... It just doesn't feel like I should drink fast... so slow and steady is what I am doing.

Belly Shot - Post Op

Sent this pic from my phone. I can't figure out how to turn the pic using blogger so you'll just have to look sideways at it. LOL! This pic is of me the morning after surgery.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Surgery is over...

Well I did it... I am 1 day post op from having a lap-band placed in me. Crazy stuff. Still can't believe I did it.

Surgery went good, the Doctor said it went so good that they didn't lose a single drop of blood. Crazy huh! I don't remember much of the Surgery, I remember saying "thank you" to the surgery room staff and then feeling sleepy and calm. The next moment I was waking up in the recovey room. Can't beat that! lol.

I arrived at the Surgery Hospital at 2pm and was wheeled into the surgery room at 3:30pm... By 5:30pm I was able to call my husband to say hi. The conversation didn't last long because I kept falling asleep and slurring my words but at least he knew I was o.k. At 7:40pm I was in the car with my Mother in Law headed to her home. I spent the rest of the evening out of it. One moment I would be talking and the next I would be find myself waking up. LOL!

Once I made it to bed, I slept pretty soundly. I'd have to get up and adjust my body pretty often. (I had gas pains in my shoulder and upper back) but for the most part it went pretty well. Getting in and out of bed is a challenge because the side where the port is hurts if I pull that side of my body.

So here I am... still sore and still dealing with gas pains, but it is all managable. I just went for a short walk with my mother in law and I feel even better. I'll keep you posted on the next few days... I am just glad it's over. My new life begins TODAY!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Off to see the Wizard!

I leave today for my surgery. Pray for me.

I hate any kind of Surgery. I also hate flying, because my rear end is a tight fit for the Airplane seat. Over all, I am a bit miserable about flying... should have drove. Oh well.... Tuesday at 3:30pm I'll be having the Lap-Band placed. AHHHHH... crazy stuff. Just wanted to send a quick update.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

WOW! One Week!

One week from now and I'll be banded....... That is an overwhelming thought........

It's been harder and easier all at the same time to keep on my post op diet. Easy, because I can only eat protein/veggies but hard, because I keep thinking that I might not be able to eat "this or that" post op, so maybe I should go eat it now. So far I have refused to eat my "last supper" multiple times. But, boy oh boy, is it hard to deny myself over and over again. I am so addicted to eating what I want when I want. (sigh)

Good news, I am down 6 more lbs. Hoping to lose another 5 before surgery.

Only 7 more days. Crazy Stuff.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Random Thought

O.K. so I get totally frustrated at myself sometimes because I can't lose weight on my own. I know that I will forever have some restrictions with the Lap-Band and I ask myself why not make those restrictions NOW without the Lap-band. I have come to this conclusion:

I am an food addict.

And just like other addictions I am unable to "kick" my food addiction. So I am going to think of my Lap-Band as a "Parental Control" for my body. Those addicted to Pornography for example could place parental controls on their computer to help control "urges". Sure there are ways to cheat but for the most part a parental control can help prevent the "act".

So in a nutshell... I will have a "parental control" on my body to help prevent the act of my overindulgence of food.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Insurance Lady

I called my insurance company the other day to ask about my benefits and to nail down my portions ($$) of this Surgery. When I asked about the actual Lap-Band Equipment the Insurance Lady said that she had the Lap-Band Surgery done Nov. 2009. We then ended up spending the next 25 min talking about all the benefits and all the downers of her Lap-Band Surgery.

She gave me a great web seminar to look up. (from her surgeons office in Washington) I just finished watching it. It was extremely informational and I want to share it with you.


After I hung up with her I was pretty upset! I think the realization that this IS a permanent life style change was suddenly becoming VERY real to me. I was extremely frustrated that I haven't been able to make these changes on my own. I am a very determined person and it was frustrating to realize that I was going to alter my body just so I could finally succeed in weight loss. I think the worst was that she mentioned that for the 1st month you are starving becuase they don't fill your band right away and you are mostly on a protein shake diet. I HATE being hungry... I get miserable, cranky, and frankly I don't like anyone and at that point nobody likes me. I was also overwlemed with the thought that as the mom in my family I primarily do ALL the cooking. So if I am starving how will I be able to cook for my family and still maintain my new lifestyle?

Well, I am not sure how I am going to handle the hungry part. I guess it will just have to be mind over matter. (sigh) The cooking part was solved when my dear Pilot said that he would arrange his schedule so that he could do the cooking for the 1st month. YEAH! I love that man!

I did ask the Insurance Lady if it was worth it... she said "I only have one regret... that I didn't do this in 2006 when I had the opportunity." (she had lost 6 dress sizes and 37lbs in 4 months) So my readers... I have hope. Hope that I can look back and say "My only regret is that I didn't do this earlier."

Surgery Scheduled!!

I will be having Surgery on March 23rd. That is in two weeks... I am starting a high protein diet tomorrow. This is a surreal moment... the next two weeks are going to FLY by.

Monday, March 1, 2010


On Friday, (Feb. 26th) I was driving with my sister in the car. (My sister, had Gastric Bypass 1 1/2 years ago, so she understand everything I'm going through)

Her and I were talking about my fears... I mentioned that with Lap-Band I can see a future that I never have been able to see before. I can see myself being healthy and thin. Living my life to the fullest. Running after my kids. Living without foot pain. etc. and what if the Insurance doesn't approve this surgery..... what would I do? How would I get those same results when I have never been able to do it on my own before? It was very sobering.

We grabbed the mail, and while she ran in the house I opened the mail. There it was! A letter from the Insurance Company!!! My hands were shaking....

Half way down the letter it said: Approved!

YIPPEE!!!! WOW! What timing. So there it is.... my long awaited letter. And I'm APPROVED! This surgery is REALLY going to happen.

Don't know any details yet.... the Dr's Office on Friday was closed but I'll find out more today. (Monday) YIPPEE! YAHOO! HOORAY!

Surprise Call!

I put the Doctors office out of mind and figured I would follow up after my vacation. So it was a surprise when I got a call while having lunch in "Tomorrow Land". It was Abby from Dr. Trotter's office letting me know that they were submitting my info to my insurance that day (Thursday, February 18th) She said to expect 2-3 weeks before I heard anything and that I would probably hear back from my insurance company before the office heard anything. I guess it was only fitting to get the "news" in Tomorrow Land. Because I can see my "tomorrows" being so much healthier and happier because of this surgery.

Disney Land & California Adventure

My beautiful family! Cuddlebug, Me, my darling Pilot, and Explorer.

Whew! We did it! We had an amazing time in California! I was really impressed with how comfortable I felt at Disneyland and California Adventure. Since gaining all my extra weight I seem to second guess everything and sit out, on a lot of life, because of fear. I was nervous about my size vs the size of the rides but for the most part I was able to ride almost all the rides. Here is my low down:

California Adventure:
- LOVED! LOVED! the red plastic belts "hugely" adjustable
- Stayed away from the roller coasters but I felt comfortable riding the other rides.
- Muppet 4d show was a little tight on the thighs.

Disney Land:
- Doesn't have those really big adjustable red belts but still the belts were pretty forgiving.
- The rides were built for 2 occupants which means me and one kid. lol. So, if you don't have a small kid with you... be ready to ride a lot of the rides by yourself.
- Autopia made me nervous. I don't think I could have driven the car by myself because the clearance between my thighs and the steering wheel was non existence. But, Cuddlebug, drove and I sat next to him. Worked Great!
- The ride counters (the metal swing arms that you have to walk through) Were pretty tight but if I turned sideways and gave a little hop I could get my booty through without any trouble.
- Stayed away from recommend roller coasters. (Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, etc)

Well, I think that's it in a nutshell. I'll probably think if something later... : ) It really was the happiest place on earth even for me and I SO appreciate that.