Monday, March 8, 2010

Random Thought

O.K. so I get totally frustrated at myself sometimes because I can't lose weight on my own. I know that I will forever have some restrictions with the Lap-Band and I ask myself why not make those restrictions NOW without the Lap-band. I have come to this conclusion:

I am an food addict.

And just like other addictions I am unable to "kick" my food addiction. So I am going to think of my Lap-Band as a "Parental Control" for my body. Those addicted to Pornography for example could place parental controls on their computer to help control "urges". Sure there are ways to cheat but for the most part a parental control can help prevent the "act".

So in a nutshell... I will have a "parental control" on my body to help prevent the act of my overindulgence of food.

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