Sunday, August 26, 2012

My first 5K... A MUD RUN!!!

It's about time... that I ran a 5k. O.K. so I didn't really run it... I started out strong and then about 50 paces into it... I walked it. LOL! but I gave it my best effort!!

I had a friend with me and we ran, walked, ran, walked, walked, ran, walked, walked, walked, ran, walked, walked, walked, walked, crawled... heck it was a mud run after all. And to be honest by the end I had so many rocks in my shoes that the whole experience was becoming painful. LOL!

I didn't properly train for anything serious... and to be honest I HATE running. (Give me a bike any day.)  So at least a mud run made it bearable and heck even possible... add a good friend in the mix and BAM! an automatic good time. Here are some fun pics... just for the heck of it. : )

 That is me on the left... making some sort of face...??? lol.

GO ME!!!! I tried not to think about this being at a equestrian arena... nothing like playing in poo... : )


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Quick Update! MUCHO BETTER!

 Quick Update: I am doing good... the lowest amount of fill in forever but no aspirating and feeling great. The Negative:  I am up 10lbs. But I am at my OH CRAP point and am so far successfully not gaining anymore and am focusing on losing. The Plan: Joined to track my calories and I am loving the interface. Running a 5k this weekend that I am ill prepared for but going to do it anyways! Pray for me! ; ) AND since my play is over I am back at the gym this week and ready to get back in shape and back on track. In a nutshell: Happy as a clam and enjoying my free time and the last of the summer days with my boys. Oh and officially off birth control. YIKES! Yep, no pressure or hurry but God willing we are open to THAT! Scary! : )

 Finished my play Into the woods. Yes, that BEAUTIFUL but vain stepsister on the left is me. So much fun!


And yes that is me and Chris... sigh.... what can I say.... we are tight. He thinks I look hot in my bloomers. ; )