Friday, October 26, 2012


Thanks for reading my last blog post... I was beyond frustrated, tired... and just plain miserable.

Had .3 taken out. There is no real reason as to why my band was acting up. I was prescribed an anticid to help but not really sure how that is going to help in the long run. The good news is that I have been sleeping like a baby.. NO aspiration. WHEW. Thank goodness.

I 'll keep you posted on my next plan of attack.

For the moment it's all about mindful eating.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Damn it! The band and I are not getting along!!!!

YES! Goody two shoes just cursed on her blog. For most of you that is not a big deal but to those that know me personally you'll know that I am a pretty straight laced kinda gal who goes to church every Sunday and only curses when no one is around or if I am feeling kinda naughty. ; )  But right now I could yell it from the roof tops... I am so frustrated with my band. guuurrrrrrr... #@!!%!!!!!!

In July/Aug, I was aspirating and had a major unfill and then by October I had gain 10lbs. Since hubby and I were considering trying for a wee baby I figured that I would old school it and try counting calories and working out so that I could lose the weight without a fill. Plus, I wanted to see if I could do it. AND DANG it's hard work... I mean... if I was ever any good at losing weight in the first place I wouldn't have needed this band. Losing weight without the band having a proper fill can be pretty discouraging AND since I have this feeling that there is no wee baby on it's way anytime soon. I decided to what the heck, go get a small fill to help things move along.

So last Monday I had .75 of a 1cc put in my band. I do the required liquids for 24 hours and then start my normal band eating... The next day is awesome! No hunger... small meals. (no more eating bread) feeling great. Eating on a schedule. Back to the good days but then night comes.... I was thinking that there was a lot of pressure in my esophagus before going to bed. But since I had eaten well over 4 hours earlier I figured it had to be fine. NOPE! About an hour after falling a sleep I wake up to stomach acid in my throat. Well crap! I prop my pillows up and sleep the rest of the night sitting up. I baby it for the next few days and every night I can feel the pressure and I start sleeping in a up right position. (think a lazy boy of pillows) Last night it was the worse... I am not kidding about every 2 hours I would wake up by a small burp of stomach acid. SO FINE! FINE! FINE! FINE! FINE!

I am going for an unfill tomorrow.

I am just ticked off at the moment.

Frustrated that when I get the "sweet spot" I also get aspiration.

I refuse to damage by esophagus or risk aspiration pneumonia.

Frustrated because I feel fine all day long but during the evening. It get's all tight.

Exhausted because I haven't slept  well all week along. Sitting up in bed just doesn't give me a restful night sleep... neither does randomly being woken up by burps or stomach acid.

Here I sit at 9:57pm my last meal was a 6:30pm the tightness in my esophagus is there... I keep burping and  thinking what the #@!!%! why is this only happening in the evening. A bit afraid to attempt to sleep because of the horrible night I had last night. Wishing I could have had that un fill today or yesterday. And just generally frustrated.

So to make myself feel better I'll post two photos of me and a friend of mine. Just to remind myself how AWESOME the band can be. Hoping that I can figure out what to do next. I'll keep you posted.

Doesn't She look great!!!! Together we have lost about 250lbs. So cool.