Sunday, October 21, 2012

Damn it! The band and I are not getting along!!!!

YES! Goody two shoes just cursed on her blog. For most of you that is not a big deal but to those that know me personally you'll know that I am a pretty straight laced kinda gal who goes to church every Sunday and only curses when no one is around or if I am feeling kinda naughty. ; )  But right now I could yell it from the roof tops... I am so frustrated with my band. guuurrrrrrr... #@!!%!!!!!!

In July/Aug, I was aspirating and had a major unfill and then by October I had gain 10lbs. Since hubby and I were considering trying for a wee baby I figured that I would old school it and try counting calories and working out so that I could lose the weight without a fill. Plus, I wanted to see if I could do it. AND DANG it's hard work... I mean... if I was ever any good at losing weight in the first place I wouldn't have needed this band. Losing weight without the band having a proper fill can be pretty discouraging AND since I have this feeling that there is no wee baby on it's way anytime soon. I decided to what the heck, go get a small fill to help things move along.

So last Monday I had .75 of a 1cc put in my band. I do the required liquids for 24 hours and then start my normal band eating... The next day is awesome! No hunger... small meals. (no more eating bread) feeling great. Eating on a schedule. Back to the good days but then night comes.... I was thinking that there was a lot of pressure in my esophagus before going to bed. But since I had eaten well over 4 hours earlier I figured it had to be fine. NOPE! About an hour after falling a sleep I wake up to stomach acid in my throat. Well crap! I prop my pillows up and sleep the rest of the night sitting up. I baby it for the next few days and every night I can feel the pressure and I start sleeping in a up right position. (think a lazy boy of pillows) Last night it was the worse... I am not kidding about every 2 hours I would wake up by a small burp of stomach acid. SO FINE! FINE! FINE! FINE! FINE!

I am going for an unfill tomorrow.

I am just ticked off at the moment.

Frustrated that when I get the "sweet spot" I also get aspiration.

I refuse to damage by esophagus or risk aspiration pneumonia.

Frustrated because I feel fine all day long but during the evening. It get's all tight.

Exhausted because I haven't slept  well all week along. Sitting up in bed just doesn't give me a restful night sleep... neither does randomly being woken up by burps or stomach acid.

Here I sit at 9:57pm my last meal was a 6:30pm the tightness in my esophagus is there... I keep burping and  thinking what the #@!!%! why is this only happening in the evening. A bit afraid to attempt to sleep because of the horrible night I had last night. Wishing I could have had that un fill today or yesterday. And just generally frustrated.

So to make myself feel better I'll post two photos of me and a friend of mine. Just to remind myself how AWESOME the band can be. Hoping that I can figure out what to do next. I'll keep you posted.

Doesn't She look great!!!! Together we have lost about 250lbs. So cool.



Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

Hang in there, Heather. I don't understand what is happening to you and I hope your doctor can help you.

The Dandy Bandy said...

Oh man! I hope things get figured out and you can get some sort of comfortableness with your band.

adorkbl said...

Yikes. Sorry you are having a hard time right now. I just had some fill taken out because of unbearable tightness and now I am wide open again. It can be frustrating. Hang in there!!

And you guys look awesome!

Nowhere Better Than Here said...

I'm with Tina, I'm too new to this to know what's going on, but it doesn't sound fun. I hope your doc can get it all fixed up for you.