Sunday, November 7, 2010

70 lbs

I did it! Whoot! Whoot! I had a personal goal to make it to 70 lbs before Thanksgiving. I have a little more time left before my Thanksgiving Vacation and maybe if I am lucky I can see the scale drop a little further.

So, my weight loss is apparent now to almost anyone who knew me before. I've had some interesting conversations... here is how some of them go...

"WOW! You are looking great!" "Thank you" "What have you been doing?" "Oh, I had Lap-Band Surgery" "Oh......"

LOL! I know I could say... "Oh, I've been eating less and working out" (which is the whole truth) but I feel like if they ask "HOW" I want to give credit where it's due. It cracks me up because I don't think they are expecting to hear "I've had Lap Band Surgery" It almost always leaves them at a loss for words.

I had a friend who a few years back lost a lot of weight and when I asked "how did you do it" she said working out & eating less. I felt great for her and so sad for me because dang it... I just couldn't make it happen. Ended up, she told me later, that she was taking a diet drug... I felt a bit betrayed at the time. That is probably why I am so open to giving the credit to my Lap-Band.

I know not everyone feels this way but it works for me. Well enough random thoughts for the moment. HAPPY 70lbs Lost TO ME!!!

(still hoping to get my 60 lb pic posted) sigh.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Yep it's been forever.

Sorry about that... here's what's up.

Doing good. I have lost 67lbs as of today. 65lbs was my half way to goal mark. VERY EXCITING!

It hasn't all come of easily... I have had some rough moments. The band has made this weight loss possible (THANK YOU, BAND) but now that my band has a good fill, I am working harder than ever on the "Heather Issues". Things like emotional eating, bored eating, special occasion eating which are all very present in my life. Maybe not as present as they use to be but there all the same.

When I focus on eating on schedule, working out, watching calories and limit my treats... I see great success on the scale. So that is where I am at... trying more than ever to make positive choices. Enjoying my smaller clothes and finding amazement in what I see in the mirror. Life is good. AND BUSY! I still have my 60 lb pictures to post. Hopefully I'll have those up soon. Happy Banding!

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