Friday, February 12, 2010

Disney Land

Leaving for California in the morning. Been a little obsessed with the fact that we are going to Disneyland.

Will I be able to ride the rides? Will I have to just sit out and watch? Went so far as to check online for weight limits on Disney rides. From what I can find, it looks like most of the rides are compatible for people up to 4x. Well, my booty is a 3x so I am at the top of that limit. (husband says not to worry... I'm a whole X away from 4x, LOL)

Just hoping for no embarrassing moments. If you are over weight you know what I mean. For anyone under weight reading this blog... here's an example:

Six flags, (1990's) wanting to ride the parachute ride with a friend who was also on the heavy side. The parachute would only go up about 3 feet with our combine weight. My guy friend got off and I rode the ride by myself. I am sure he was embarrassed and I was horrified. Not my best moment. sigh.

Luckily this time around I am going with my family and with my husband who is the most amazing supportive husband out there. But still PLEASE NO EMBARRASSING MOMENTS, I PRAY!!

Can't wait until I can just enjoy the moment without 1st checking out the ride or seat to make sure that it will accommodate me. sigh. I sure miss out on so much with all my worrying. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

P.S. I hear that Space Mountain and Indiana Jones are rides to stay away from!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Don't know when...

I am going to have my surgery done in South Dakota with Dr. Lee Trotter. I live in Utah so this isn't the easiest way to go about it. But I TRUST Dr. Trotter and feel that with his expertise I will be in getting the best surgeon out there for me. It is totally worth it!!

The distance is causing a bit of trouble.... I was sent a packet from Dr. Trotters office that gave me all the information and testing that I would need before the operation. It was difficult to get the physicians here in Utah to understand what I needed done. But eventually I was able to have all the blood tests, xrays, ultrasounds etc completed. At the moment my tests are all done and at Dr. Trotter's office. But there is a communication delay because of the distance. I leave messages but I don't hear back right away. (Maybe I would have this trouble if I lived in town but it's harder being further away) Now, don't get me wrong... they aren't always leaving me in the dark.. but when you want something REALLY bad it seems that you are always waiting. sigh.

So at the moment I am waiting for confirmation from Dr. Trotters office. Once they have everything... The next step will be insurance. (can we play the scary music now?? LOL!) Who knows what they are going to say... because I am a relatively healthy morbidly obese person I don't know if I have a enough medical issues for them to want to cover the operation. And because we recently moved I hope I can show enough effort on my part to have them cover the operation. I'll keep you posted.

Going Public

This is me. An over weight mom, wife, sister, friend. I am happy with who I am but I want to live more and enjoy this life that God has given me. So as I start the process of getting a Lap Band, I invite you to follow along. It may not be easy but I am ready to be MORE in LESS of a body.

As of today:
313 lbs
32 years old