Sunday, March 7, 2010

Insurance Lady

I called my insurance company the other day to ask about my benefits and to nail down my portions ($$) of this Surgery. When I asked about the actual Lap-Band Equipment the Insurance Lady said that she had the Lap-Band Surgery done Nov. 2009. We then ended up spending the next 25 min talking about all the benefits and all the downers of her Lap-Band Surgery.

She gave me a great web seminar to look up. (from her surgeons office in Washington) I just finished watching it. It was extremely informational and I want to share it with you.

After I hung up with her I was pretty upset! I think the realization that this IS a permanent life style change was suddenly becoming VERY real to me. I was extremely frustrated that I haven't been able to make these changes on my own. I am a very determined person and it was frustrating to realize that I was going to alter my body just so I could finally succeed in weight loss. I think the worst was that she mentioned that for the 1st month you are starving becuase they don't fill your band right away and you are mostly on a protein shake diet. I HATE being hungry... I get miserable, cranky, and frankly I don't like anyone and at that point nobody likes me. I was also overwlemed with the thought that as the mom in my family I primarily do ALL the cooking. So if I am starving how will I be able to cook for my family and still maintain my new lifestyle?

Well, I am not sure how I am going to handle the hungry part. I guess it will just have to be mind over matter. (sigh) The cooking part was solved when my dear Pilot said that he would arrange his schedule so that he could do the cooking for the 1st month. YEAH! I love that man!

I did ask the Insurance Lady if it was worth it... she said "I only have one regret... that I didn't do this in 2006 when I had the opportunity." (she had lost 6 dress sizes and 37lbs in 4 months) So my readers... I have hope. Hope that I can look back and say "My only regret is that I didn't do this earlier."

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