Monday, March 1, 2010

Disney Land & California Adventure

My beautiful family! Cuddlebug, Me, my darling Pilot, and Explorer.

Whew! We did it! We had an amazing time in California! I was really impressed with how comfortable I felt at Disneyland and California Adventure. Since gaining all my extra weight I seem to second guess everything and sit out, on a lot of life, because of fear. I was nervous about my size vs the size of the rides but for the most part I was able to ride almost all the rides. Here is my low down:

California Adventure:
- LOVED! LOVED! the red plastic belts "hugely" adjustable
- Stayed away from the roller coasters but I felt comfortable riding the other rides.
- Muppet 4d show was a little tight on the thighs.

Disney Land:
- Doesn't have those really big adjustable red belts but still the belts were pretty forgiving.
- The rides were built for 2 occupants which means me and one kid. lol. So, if you don't have a small kid with you... be ready to ride a lot of the rides by yourself.
- Autopia made me nervous. I don't think I could have driven the car by myself because the clearance between my thighs and the steering wheel was non existence. But, Cuddlebug, drove and I sat next to him. Worked Great!
- The ride counters (the metal swing arms that you have to walk through) Were pretty tight but if I turned sideways and gave a little hop I could get my booty through without any trouble.
- Stayed away from recommend roller coasters. (Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, etc)

Well, I think that's it in a nutshell. I'll probably think if something later... : ) It really was the happiest place on earth even for me and I SO appreciate that.

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Gina said...

HERE is the California report! I was looking for it on the other blog! Glad I got to see how much fun you had there! Now I want to go!