Tuesday, March 30, 2010

1 week post op

1 week ago today I was having surgery. It's still all very surreal. : )

I am one week post op and today is the 1st day that I feel even a bit normal. Here is the low down on my 1st week.

1-3 days post op - Gas pains in shoulder, and a lot of burping and tooting, not hungry at all.

2-5 days post op - Felt like when I drank anything that it was hitting a big bubble somewhere in my middle (mostly at the start of a meal), When I talked alot I would have to to take a break because it felt like a big bubble of air was forming in middle of chest.

4 days post op - I felt hunger for the 1st time but it wasn't a normal hunger feeling more like an empty/achy feeling.

5-6 days post op - mostly off pain meds but every evening my shoulder and arm would hurt and my insides of my stomach felt "tender" to the point that I would medicate back up. Finding that about 1 1/4 cup of soup/protein drink fills me up perfectly. Eating about 4 times a day soup/protein drink... with other liquids filling in the day. (apple juice/water)

7 days post op - Just felt normal today... for the 1st time since surgery. Reminding myself that I need to take it slow. My stomach itches around the wounds in my belly.

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