Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Surgery is over...

Well I did it... I am 1 day post op from having a lap-band placed in me. Crazy stuff. Still can't believe I did it.

Surgery went good, the Doctor said it went so good that they didn't lose a single drop of blood. Crazy huh! I don't remember much of the Surgery, I remember saying "thank you" to the surgery room staff and then feeling sleepy and calm. The next moment I was waking up in the recovey room. Can't beat that! lol.

I arrived at the Surgery Hospital at 2pm and was wheeled into the surgery room at 3:30pm... By 5:30pm I was able to call my husband to say hi. The conversation didn't last long because I kept falling asleep and slurring my words but at least he knew I was o.k. At 7:40pm I was in the car with my Mother in Law headed to her home. I spent the rest of the evening out of it. One moment I would be talking and the next I would be find myself waking up. LOL!

Once I made it to bed, I slept pretty soundly. I'd have to get up and adjust my body pretty often. (I had gas pains in my shoulder and upper back) but for the most part it went pretty well. Getting in and out of bed is a challenge because the side where the port is hurts if I pull that side of my body.

So here I am... still sore and still dealing with gas pains, but it is all managable. I just went for a short walk with my mother in law and I feel even better. I'll keep you posted on the next few days... I am just glad it's over. My new life begins TODAY!

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Gina said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I am so glad it went so smoothly!