Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I was at the gym this morning when it started... partial blindness changing to water lines in my vision. Then came the roaring migraine pain....

Sigh. Pilot, (my hubby) stayed home and took care of the kiddos this morning while I locked myself in my bedroom and tried to get past the worst of it. It's 12:35pm right now and I am wiped out. I am calling my surgeons office to find out what I can take the next time this happens.

Wasn't sure if my prescription for migraines was safe to take with the band... (not supposed to take NSAIDS after my surgery and for the rest of my life) so I took the last of my leftover post-op pain med and that knocked me out. At least I was able to sleep most of it off... still have a headache but nothing to extremely bad right now.

I think this is hormone related... in Feb 09 I miscarried and had about 5 migraines in a week... I had another migraine 2 weeks after my Lap-Band Surgery and right after Aunt Flo visited and now today this migraine comes right after Aunt Flo's visit. Pretty sure that it is hormones causing it...

Anyways... I'll see what the Dr. says.

Going back to bed now... more later.

UPDATE! My S.D. Surgeon said I could take my Migraine prescription... THANK GOODNESS!! It's 9:30pm and I am finally human again!!! I HATE MIGRAINES!!!

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