Friday, May 14, 2010

Feed me...

Been trying to eat on a schedule the last two days. It is working really, really well.

Here is my schedule:
6-7:30am - Water, Water, and more Water
8am - Breakfast (300ish calories)
12pm - Lunch (300ish calories)
3:30pm - Snack (100ish calories)
6pm - Dinner (300ish calories)

Trying to stay within 30 mins of my selected time. I was hungry this morning at 10:30am told myself that lunch was only a little more than an hour away... drank a cup and half of water and was able to forget about being hungry. That is just nuts! Something I would have struggled with before the band.

I have such a past of grazing that this really has put eating in perspective for me. Food = Fuel!

Also, I have really been trying to eat no more than a cup of food per meal... and trying to keep my main meals approximately around 300 calories (give or take).

If I go to bed late I normally have to add a bedtime snack in... but that just feels like wasted calories... solution? Go to bed earlier. LOL!


Stephanie said...

Your food schedule is almost identical to mine, but I'm not drinking nearly enough water...Isn't it hard adoivign the nightime snacks?

--Hey said...

I know, I know... getting the water in, is SO tough. I make myself drink as much as possible in the mornings just so I get a good start on it. It helps if I am working out in the AM... then I really do have a chance to get alot of water in...

I get so munchie at nighttime... it is SO hard some days.

Nice to meet you Stephanie, thanks for posting!