Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just another thought...

It's interesting to note that as you lose weight you think to yourself.... D A N G! I look good! Or, OH YEAH, my pants are getting so loose! I AM DOING SO DANG GOOD!

But very humbling to realize that even though you look better and feel better you still have a very long way to go.

(note: this thought, probably had something to do with me trying on new clothing in preparation for an upcoming vacation, seeing photos of myself and trying on last years summer clothes which really were not loose at all... sigh....)

Because I "think" I have done so well, I allow myself to not be as strict as I should be. Shame on me! This is a life long change, not just a diet fad.

It's a tricky thing... because I had SOME progress... I started to fall back into old food related habits...

At least I realized what I was doing and am putting a stop to it, TODAY! I have some good ideas, I am going to chew on those ideas a bit longer and then I'll post my thoughts.

Have a good night, my friends.

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