Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2nd Fill

WOW! That's what I am talking about... a fill appointment that answers questions and teaches you something.... : ) SOOOO , much better than my 1st fill appointment. (see earlier post)

I decided to stick with the same Weight Loss Clinic that I had my horrible 1st appointment with but I made an appointment with their satellite office (which is closer to my home anyways) and had a P.A. do the fill.

Appointment low down:

The front desk ladies were nice and I was quickly brought back for my appointment. There was a nurse who took my blood pressure, temp, pulse and weight.

The P.A. came in and sat with me and went over my chart... SHE ASKED how I was doing (what a concept) and we talked briefly about my wins and losses. We discussed how much fill would be appropriate and decided that she would try to add 2 cc to the current 2.5 cc in my band.

She than prepared to do my fill. She even did a pre shot that numbed the port area before placing the needle into my port. (that was neat) There is always a small amount of discomfort with a fill but I liked the numbing before hand.

For those who have never had a fill... it's kinda of a strange feeling... once the saline is pushed into the port I can feel a small minor burning sensation where my stomach is... nothing bad, just noticeable to me. It only lasts for a second.

Anyways, she had me sit up with the needle still in my port while I drank a cup of water.......

HOLY COW!!! It would NOT go down... kind of like a hose with a kink in it. The water was bubbling and I felt like I was drowning. It didn't hurt but it really put my body into a panic mode... I felt like the water was just sitting in my throat gurgling and trying to get out. HORRIBLE!!

She had me lay back down... which was exactly what I DID NOT want to do at that moment... and she drew back out 1cc. It was like a gate opened up and the water pressure was immediately released.

She mentioned that I can have a free fill or adjustment within two weeks of my fill... she said I should come back next week and we'll see if we can get another .5 cc or 1 cc in the band.

Cool huh. She mentioned that she really wanted me to see some success and get me to my "sweet spot" sooner than later. I liked that alot. Proactive, caring, knowledgeable. I think I found an office that I will like. She even gave me her after hour card in case I needed an unfill.

So, liquids for the rest of the day and then back to normal foods tomorrow. I'll keep you posted!

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