Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lap Band - How does it work?

I had a dear friend ask "What is a fill?" Which of course got me thinking, that some who read this blog may not know either so here is "MY VERSION"

This is a band.
(bottom left to top right)
1. The bottom left circle is the Access Port which is attached beneath my skin and can be accessed for my adjustments . 2. The next circle is a "pillow" that get's filled with a saline solution, it can be adjusted to be tighter or looser. 3. The band is wrapped around my upper stomach, allowing me to feel full faster than normal and when the pillow is inflated it slows hows quickly my food moves into the lower stomach. 4. The top right circle, is silicone tubing that transfers the fluid between the access port and the pillow. (for a longer explanation see: http://www.lapband.com/en/learn_about_lapband/device_how_it_works/)

How will I lose weight?

1. I have to have fills. (adjustments of the pillow)
My goal is to be adjusted enough, that I can eat three meals a day with out being hungry between those meals. If that pillow is to loose... I will be hungry, if that pillow is to tight I will not be able to get food down and will risk pain, discomfort and possible other really bad stuff. So having a band takes some getting use to. I will work with a Doctor to try to get my fill "perfect for me"

2. I will have to watch what I eat.

If I choose to eat unhealthy food, I will have no success with the band. (shakes/ice cream will have no resistance at all to the band and will slide on through the band and I will not get full) The good news is that if I eat correctly I will feel full and be able to maintain a successful weight loss.

3. I will only be able to eat small portions.
I will not be able to eat more than 1 1/2 cups of food at one time. If I do eat more than I will risk stretching out my upper stomach and risk throwing up which can lead to really bad things. (slippage)

4. I will need to exercise.
Just like all non bandster... I will need to maintain my diligence with a healthy life style.

Whew. Does that make sense?

Some might ask. Why not just do all of that and not get banded?
Ahhh... there it is... if I could have, I would have.

I couldn't do it on my own... those of you who know me, know my dedication in the past to exercise and I don't eat alot of junk food. But I still couldn't do it on my own. The Lap Band is a tool for me to do what I couldn't do for myself. Mostly help me feel full and help me stay full... so that I can limit the amount of food I take it.

So there you have it... MY VERSION of How Does It Work?

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