Sunday, April 11, 2010

Eating Out.

Pilot and I took our son, Cuddlebug out on a Saturday afternoon date. We went to lunch at Golden Corral and we saw the movie, How to Train your Dragon. (which was a great movie... loved it!)

So now you are asking... How in the world did I make Golden Corral work?

Well, it was my first attempt at eating out since the surgery. (woops, I mean second, the 1st was 2 days after surgery... my inlaws took me to a restaurant where I order french onion soup without the bread/cheese topping) Anyways... Golden Corral was great! Golden Corral can be a really a great place for a Bandster to go. I just showed my handy dandy Lap-Band Card... and I got my meal for the 9-12 child rate.

I am still on mushy food so I loaded my plate with mashed potatoes and gravy, some calm chowder and a crab cake (which was really, really soft). It wasn't the most amazing meal I have ever had but it was pretty dang good for a mushy dieter. lol. I than topped it off with a couple bites of banana pudding. I liked that I had so many choices and I loved that I was able to pay a child's rate. (my frugal side)

I have to say... this was the 1st time that I have EVER gone to Golden Corral and ONLY had one plate of food. Of course, I couldn't even eat all that I had. It is amazing how very little I can eat at a time... even without a fill. Anyways, if you are a Bandster... make sure you get one of these cards, why pay for a full adult meal??

My Patient ID CARD -


Silly Stamper said...

ok did I miss the nicknames? have no idea what you are talking about?! but the restaurant sounds good!

--Hey said...

Because this is a public blog... I don't want to use my childrens name. So Pilot, is my husband. Cuddlebug is my oldest, and Inspector is my youngest. My personal blog is not searchable on the internet so I don't restrict the names there.