Friday, April 30, 2010

Exercise Baby! OH YEAH!

A little Heather History: I love working out. (O.K. maybe not while I am actually doing the workout but I LOVE how I feel after wards.) I use to go to the gym all the time (5-6 days a week) but I never lost much weight because I was eating way to much.

I once heard:

If you want to lose weight it's 80% of what you are eating and 20% the amount of activity, that get's you success.
If you want to have a healthy heart it's 20% what you eat and 80% the amount of activity, that get's you success.

Now don't quote me... it's just something I heard.

Hope that makes sense? Before, when I worked out my body was just trying to get rid of any extra calories that I had eaten that day... now all my exercise efforts will hopefully go towards my butt. ; )

For the past 5 mornings I have gotten up at 6am and gone to the gym... I had to start slow and I really am not doing anything hard core but it feels so good to be back at it. : )

Here's what I am doing:
30 min of cardio (elliptical or bike)
10 min of weights

Nothing spectacular but it's something.

Feeling good... "weigh in day" is only 2 days away. Dying to know where I am at. : )

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Gina said...

I am so impressed! You rock! I need to do the same thing and it's a good reminder for me - that it does feel good after! You are so right!