Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I was reading the USA Weekend paper (from Sundays' paper) and I ran across this short article on Vanna White.

It asked the question: How does Wheel of Fortune's Vanna White keep herself looking so good?

She said that she works out six days a week for 45 minutes... and as for a diet, "I've learned to eat only when I'm hungry. That's a big one."

hmmmm.... interesting. That is actually a lot of what a Bandster is learning to do... sounds SO easy doesn't it?


Cheri and David said...

Yes--- so easy right? please...I am ALWAYs hungry. So then what? I've always wanted to try the WASA crackers...now I will.

--Hey said...

ha. ha.... hey glad you are going to try the Wasa crackers... I love them. In fact tonight I am going to have some shrimp w/ guacamole on a Wasa cracker. : )