Thursday, April 8, 2010

Holding Steady

Haven't lost any further weight. Just holding steady.

Which is fine by me for the moment. I can't officially exercise until six weeks post op and my band doesn't have any fill yet. So I am hungry and probably taking in too many calories to lose any weight at the moment. (I was told to not worry about weight loss the 1st month it's all about healing right now) I am eating mushy foods for two more weeks and I have my first fill planned for April 22nd.

I think I am going to start walking in the mornings because frankly I'm not use to being so sedentary. (These won't be power walks but just a get up and move kind of walk.)

What I've been eating:
Protein shakes, sweet potatoes, cottage cheese, soft boiled eggs, mashed potatoes, applesauce. And I love having a warm cup of light chocolate soy milk. Yum!

Anyways... it beats straight liquids. I am much happier now! : )


Kate the Great said...

My favorite was chocolate and vanilla almond milk. I drank that when I wasn't allowed anything but nuts and veggies.

A bit of chocolate almond milk with soy ice cream? YUM!

Or vanilla almond milk blended with frozen strawberries? HOORAY!


--Hey said...

Oh Yeah! I lOVE Almond milk. I actually own a soy milk maker that also makes almond mike... maybe I should pull that out for fun. : )