Saturday, April 24, 2010

First fill!

I had my 1st fill on Thursday... it wasn't my best appointment ever. (because I had my surgery out of state I had to find a different follow up doctor here in Utah) Let's just say the fill procedure went great but I am not to sure that I am going to stick with my current post op Dr here. (not the best patient relations going on)

Having a fill is weird stuff. They stick this needle filled with saline through my skin into my port that is attached under my skin. Which then fills my band with the saline giving me more restriction in what I can eat.

I have noticed that my band is tighter in the mornings and I can actually feel the food getting stopped at the band. Crazy Stuff!

On a positive note! I went out to dinner last night and had 3 dumplings/1/4 of a fish taco/ a couple bites of pie and I was stuffed. I didn't get hungry for 4 hours. So "rock on" that sounds pretty good to me.

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