Friday, July 2, 2010

It hurts so good!

Met with Carly, my personal, trainer yesterday. It was fun and painful. ; )

I loved that she started with one muscle group and worked my WHOLE body. When I workout I almost always leave some muscle group out. It was awesome to be so precise. SHE ROCKS!

She and I came up with a workout schedule for the next six weeks... here it is:

Monday - Cardio* (strength training if I did not make it to boot camp)
Tuesday - Cardio* (Elliptical)
Wednesday - Strength Training (full body- personal training)
Thursday - Cardio* (Bicycle)
Friday - Strength Training (full body- personal training)
Saturday - Boot Camp (or cardio*)
Sunday - A day of rest!!!!!

*Cardio - 30-40 min, heart rate held at 140, up it to 150 for 1-2 min and back to 140

Having trouble with my thighs today... they are burning, baby! But, it hurts SOOOO good!


bab006 said...

I love that kinda hurt.

Ken said...


Em said...

If you're hurting now, wait till that first Sunday! haha. Great balanced schedule though - pretty hardcore! I'm impressed!

Em :)