Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Great Post from - The Dash - Got me thinking...


Her post has me thinking... (dangerous I know) : )

Just yesterday, I was thinking to myself... What if this is all I lose? What if having the band is really like being on another diet after all? What if I lose 40 lbs only to have the weight start to creep back on? What if I actually get to goal weight and then the weight packs on again? What if, what if, what if....

It was so nice to hear that it IS possible to reach goal. And to actaully say... it is time to maintain.

Maybe part of my "what if's", come from the fact that I have never maintained in my life. It is such a foreign concept.

I know this isn't just "another diet" and in some ways... losing weight scares the *** out of me. What if people treat me different, can I handle the "different"?

I guess for the moment... I just need to put the "what if's" out of my mind and keep moving forward. If I "what if" everything I might not get anywhere out of fear or sabotage.

I needed to read The Dash's Blog today.... it REALLY IS possible.

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Gilly said...

You have to believe that it is. It just IS! I was glad I read her blog today too :)