Tuesday, July 20, 2010

To fill or not to fill, THAT IS THE QUESTION!?!

WOW! talk about a crazy couple of weeks. Had lots of fun... saw lots of friends... and ate lots of food. GULP! That's right, I ate LOTS!

It took me a few days of band friendly eating to realize that I need another fill...

I don't know about other bandsters, but it get's tricky to realize when a fill is needed. I haven't felt much restriction in the last few weeks. But, then again... my understanding is that the goal of the band IS NOT to feel restriction but more about staying full between meals.

I am paranoid of getting my band to tight... but after being a good girl this weekend and eating proper. I realized that my appetite is back and I am not staying full between meals. I am hoping that a small adjustment will make the difference and give me that extra push to get to 50lbs lost.

So I have another Fill tomorrow!! I'll keep you posted!

Side Note:
After eating a lot of party foods (aka junk) I was scared to weigh myself... low and behold, I am down a 1 lb. There is something sick and wrong with that. Maybe it will catch up with me this week. : (


Bonnie said...

Hoping you outrun any weight gain.

Me & Sugar Snap said...

Good luck with your fill. I am having my first one on Monday and NEED some restriction.... and self control, lol!

--Hey said...

Me too Bonnie... the scale said I had lost another lb this morning... so who knows. Some times, the weight loss/gain makes no sense. At least I am still going to the gym.

And yes, I am in need of some self control too! : )