Thursday, July 29, 2010

Iron Deficiency? Old wifes tale?

(Me after my training with Karly, but hey, I look thinner in the face... it kinda took me by surprise) - (a good surprise!)

As I have written before, ever since my Lap-Band Surgery, I have REALLY struggled around my "period" with foggy head and migraines. It is all new to me so I am just trying to figure things out. Went to see my primary Doctor about it and he said that I would just need to treat the symptoms for now.. because while I am losing so much weight my body is in turmoil and there is not much they can do for me. : ( I even went and had my eyes checked.... (I have perfect vision)

Well.. last night while I was working out with my trainer... I kept mentioning how light headed I felt. Especially when I went from exercises on the floor to standing up. Finally she asked if I was anemic? (iron deficient) I said, I didn't think I was but I haven't taken my iron pills in months because they are not chewable. She said that one of her nutrition classes told her that you can take a "real" gold ring and rub it on the cheek of the person who is in question and if it leaves behind a mark then that person is iron deficient.

When I got home I tried my husband's wedding band.. and low and behold... I got a black mark on my cheek. I went around and tried the kids, my sister and my husband. Nothing! I went and washed the mark off and tried again with my wedding ring.

What do you think? I am thinking that this girl needs to take her iron pills. I really have been feeling so horrible around my period. Fatigue, foggy in the head, lightheaded and migraines... I don't know why this works but I am a believer. All my symptoms hit at a iron deficiency being my problem.

It may not be scientifically proven but I am going to treat myself for anemia. I'll start with taking my iron supplements and if I don't see any improvement... I'll visit with my Doctor about it.

So there you have it. VERY INTERESTING! : )


-Grace- said...

That is very interesting! I would definitely get it checked out (especially since no one else had the same mark appear).

Nella said...

Very very interesting!
I will have to check it out! TAKE YOUR vitamins!

Amaris said...

Very interesting! I'd say take your iron!

CJMsquared+3 said...

Wow!! I didn't know that about the ring thing... I think I might have to try that!! You ARE looking thinner in the face my dear... I almost don't recognize you! So happy for it!

Jessica said...! I am a regular lurker on your blog. But I just had to comment on this. I have been having some of the same symptoms that you have been having - except I have them all through the month. I did your ring test on my son, husband and then myself. Nothing happened when I did this to others....but on my face the ring make huge black marks just like your picture!!!

--Hey said...

Jessica... how you feeling now?? Did you start taking some iron? I am feeling way better but I still get that mark on my face...hmmm.. interesting isn't it. Keep me posted.