Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Absence makes the heart grow fonder? LOL!

A huge sorry to my followers and lurkers... I have been out of the blog hemisphere for way to long. The last two weeks have been incredibly busy...

Here are the cliff notes:

- Niece birthday Party
- Sick
- 6 hour Plein Air Painting class - fun times!
- Me, Sick as a dog.... weakness, fatigue.. iron?
- 6 year old son, has play rehearsals every night and all day on Saturday
- Still sick... dizzy when ever I move to quickly
- Trying to take Iron Pill but it gets stuck and I have my 1st throwing up episode since being banded
- My dang foot is killing me... having trouble working out... it hurts so bad! (but still making my personal training appointments - dizziness, hurt foot and all) Yeah, I rock!
- Order Chewable Iron pills
- Still sick, and dizzy
- Go to Fill appointment... not sure I want a fill but I need to talk to someone about being sick and out of sorts.
- Don't get a fill but am told to up my iron to 3 x a day for a week and to take Claritin because my dizziness could be caused by allergies (water in the ears)
- Drug up
- Stupid foot is KILLING ME!
- Did I mention play rehearsal... sigh.
- Feeling better but still not normal
- Finally it's show time!! Go, Go Joesph!
- Foot appointment, Cortisone shot in my heel
- Mother-N-Law flies in from California.
- Another Show night
- Matinee and another evening show... hurt my foot running a child, who was on the wrong side of the stage, to the other side before the curtain opened.
- Oh shoot... I have a book design deadline for a client. (haven't felt good enough to do it... and now I am out of time)
- Up until 4:00am
- Church
- Nap
- Feeling loads better but dang that foot (I think I jacked it up again)
- Spend 10 hours at Lagoon (an amusement park) with Mother-N-Law and family
- Ouch, my poor foot
- Say good bye to Mother-N-Law
- Get proof back from client spend all day making changes.
- Decide that i am over due on a blog update, so here I am. : )
- Foot still hurts.

My dear husband and I, in all our end of day, sweaty amusement park glory!

Just my speed!
1st car - my son, Mother-N-Law - next car - my youngest son and me letting out a very girly scream!
(click on pic to make larger)

Cuddlebug and Joseph (aka Dayne), from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

My little Actor (cough, cheerleader?) lol!

Who would have thought that such a small pill could cause me SO much trouble.
YUCKY, nasty tasting iron pill... blah!

Yummy, my new CHEWABLE Iron pills!! You should have these!


Amaris said...

it sounds like you have been busy! Begin sick/in pain will really take it out of you -- and you've been doing so much more!

Thanks for the tip on the chewable iron pills. I don't need them yet, but if I do, I know what to get!

--Hey said...

Yes! They are great... so happy I could share them with you... ; )