Friday, August 20, 2010

My Favorite Things - Panda Express Entrees

I love Panda Express and pre band I ate my fair share of rice and sauce. ; (

I don't necessarily crave Panda Express but occasionally I like to treat myself (but I can't eat rice or noodles anymore)... I just found out that you can buy the entree from Panda Express by itself... I think it runs about $3.50, the little box fits in your hand.

It is the perfect size for a bandster meal. If you grab a "wok smart" entree they are all under 250 calories. It's not the most food for your buck but for a fun lunch out, I think it's great. (no noodles/no rice)


P.S. Just watch out the Orange Chicken Entree it is 400 calories.... check out this link for more nutritional information:


-Grace- said...

Good to know!! I think the regular entrees would be too much food now. Thanks for the tip!

THE DASH! said...

We dont have Panda Express over here - but what a great idea. Wok in a Box is our equivalent lol. I must check to see if they have baby portions. Good thinking.

Cheri and David said...

I LOVE LOVE the Thai Cashew chicken. I eat it alone (no rice or noodles) when I'm doing Weight Watchers and it's very calorie/diet friendly!