Monday, June 28, 2010

Uh, Oh! I have a personal trainer...

Have you ever felt suckered (or guilt-ed) into making a purchase?

ahhh.. this is just another of my many "sucker" purchases. Not a real bad purchase (actually one of my better ones) but probably not prudent. ; )

I've been wanting to see a personal trainer at my gym but they wanted $60.00 an hour. On our family budget that was a little steep, so, they have an option where if you double up with someone they will just charge you $30.00 per hour and you'll get trained together.

SOOO... I went in this evening to meet a gal who also wanted to do a double training session. We talked with the trainer about pricing and frequency, we decided on once a week for 1 hour for 6 weeks. Then, the gal says that she would really rather do 2 sessions a week for 6 weeks. (which of course doubles the price) I wasn't really prepared to commit to $60.00 a week for six weeks but what can I say... I AM A 33 YEAR OLD STILL DEALING WITH PEER PRESSURE! And I walked away with a twice a week, six week commitment. (MAYBE SHE WAS A PLANT?) LOL!

Yep, I am $360.00 poorer, but hopefully I'll be more than $360.00 healthier when my six weeks is over!

My husband is on a business trip and I was afraid of his reaction... but dang it, he is so amazingly supportive! No anger at all. Oh how I love that man! Anyways... overall this will be good for me. (I just wasn't prepared to make this financial commitment at this exact moment.)

Happy personal training to me! I start on Thursday!!! --Heather


-Grace- said...

This will probably work out to be the best bad decision you've ever made! Does that make sense? LOL

Can't wait to hear about your sessions!

Nella said...

I love my trainer...and so will you! What a great investment! An investment into your healthy future!

Gilly said...

Good luck! I hope she totally kicks your ass (in a good way!)

--Hey said...

ha, ha.. oh yes... i hope she does too. (in a good way) lol.