Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Family Vacation - Oklahoma & Texas

How do all you southern state people survive??? I am burning up here in Oklahoma! It was only 57 degrees when I left town!! We got off the plane and WHAMMY! the heat hit! Oh my gosh... I am dying!

I was wearing a light jacket yesterday! lol! And, I was TOTALLY unprepared for this heat and humidity! BLAHHHH......

Don't think I'll be able to post much, we are staying with my husband's grandparents and they only have dial up and a REALLY, REALLY old computer. Playing around on the internet is almost impossible... (but I am making it work for the moment) Maybe I'll be able to get my mobile blogging up and going. We will see.... hmmmm...

We had a great flight with the kiddos... a plane trip is competely different when seen through thier eyes. I sure love being a mom and having these fun moments with my boys.

I was kinda concerned about my band. I had heard, that some bandsters struggle when flying (thier band get's tighter after a flight - due to swelling). I was really worried because my restriciton was already pretty tight but I haven't had a probelm and I don't feel any different. YEAH!

On a negative note: I had a migraine today and yesterday...what is up with that?!? I really need to see a doctor when I get back to town, having this many migraines is pretty ridiculous (sp?). Hoping tomorrow is a better day!

We will be in Oklahoma until Friday and then we are heading to the panhandle of Texas... where the weather channel shows it is going to be 104 degrees..... I think, I just might melt!


THE DASH! said...

Ouch to the migraine.. maybe the heats not helping.
I went flying too after I had my band put in... and like you, no problemo. It was fun - I love flying. Have a fun hol :)

--Hey said...