Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My grandmother and me - Bandster Buddies

This is my grandmother Shirley, she is also a fellow Bandster. Her band was placed about 9 years ago, but not for weight loss purposes.... she got hers because of severe acid reflux. She has lost weight, but she hasn't gone all "die hard" on her weight loss, she hasn't had a fill in over a year. (she says she doesn't want to have saggy skin... so she is taking it slow)

I knew that she had been banded but never thought much of it. I remember sitting at dinner with her and she would sometimes start to eat and then quit because she ate too fast... interestingly enough, I never thought much about her having a band. It was a foreign concept to me.

Here we are 9 years later and I know ALL about that band device she had installed. LOL! It was fun over Memorial Day to compare notes.

It's not everyone who gets to share this journey with their Grandmother!


Cheri and David said...

You look awesome Heather!!! (and so does your grandma!)

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

How cool is that! I never knew one could have the band for acid reflux...you learn something new everyday!

Stephanie said...

What a great support system you have built into the family! You both look wonderful!

-Grace- said...

How neat!

Darlin1 said...

Lucky you to have a grandmother that you have a so much in common with--