Saturday, June 12, 2010

Boot Camp!

I did it! I am back in the game! Oh Yeah!!!!!

I almost didn't go this morning... I started to talk myself out of it. Like, maybe I shouldn't be trying something so hard right now... maybe I should give myself a few more weeks of working out before attempting it... but Boot Camp won out... I DID IT!

It was great! Sure, I couldn't keep up with some of the gals. If they did full lunges and squats I did half way lunges and squats. They did push ups on their toes, I was on my knees. If they used 15lbs and 8 lbs. I used 10lbs and 3 lb weights. I didn't care!!

The class was great. I loved it because when I am working out by myself I don't breath very heavy for long periods or even sweat that much... but this morning, I was out of breath and sweating like a pig! Bring it on, baby!

I may not be able to move tomorrow... but I made it to Boot Camp! OH YEAH! GO ME!!!


Bridget Bailey said...

Quite an accomplishment. You should be proud.

Fluffy said...

Good job! I also do bootcamp. Our leader always says - remember, it's not what your neighbor is doing, but are YOU pushing YOURSELF? Sounds like you were right on target!

Bonnie said...

Just going was an awesome accomplishment. The more I hear about my friends in bloggerland going to boot camp, Zunba, running 5Ks, etc. makes me feel like I need to get on the ball.

--Hey said...

You know, Bonnie... it just makes me feel SO good. I haven't seen a direct benefit to my weight loss... (at least not yet) but it makes me feel stronger and healthier, I am going to go every Saturday to Boot Camp... and maybe I'll get in a different class during the week. I"m not ready for a 5 K... but maybe next year. : )

Thanks Bridget!

YES! Fluffy! That is what I have to do or I wouldn't have the confidence to go.

Lisa said...

I LOVED bootcamp when I was doing it. However, it caused great stress to my knee that 6 months later is still recovering. I also managed to injure my left shoulder that is still recovering. I'm probably a good bit older than you gals, just a reminder to be CAREFUL. :) I'd do bootcamp again if I hadn't had those injuries.. and I might again after I drop another 40-50lbs. :)