Thursday, December 8, 2011

Want to see video of my fluoro? SO FREAKIN COOL!

Can I say AMAZING!! I have been banded for a 1 year and half and yesterday is the first time I have actually seen my band working. I have a whole NEW respect for "her". I always new that I had it in me but seeing it on screen and watching it gave it a whole new level of "real".

I was able to have my husband sneak some video while they were working on me. And I am going to share it with you... SOOOOO COOL! (or at least so cool to me)

My phone takes crappy video but at least you can see it...

The 1st video shows what I came in with... I was drinking a liquid and it just went in to my band and stayed there. The dark bubble is my small stomach on top of the band filled up and noticed that nothing is gong through. To the top left you can see a long vertical dark area that is heart burn. (which I could not feel)

This video shows what a band should mostly look like with liquid hitting the band and moving through the small top of my stomach to the bottom part of my stomach. (liquid should never meet resistance with the band.. just solid food)

This last video shows what my band does with liquid when I have no fill at all... completely empty.

In a nutshell I came in with 5.25 CC for some reason I was to tight and water was struggling to get through. Which explains my aspiration at night after drinking water before bed. For the most part I didn't know I was to tight... I never felt the heartburn. Crazy huh?

(I haven't had a fill since last February and the aspiration at night just started happening about 2 months ago)

So they took out all but 2.25 CC. They think I had some irritation in my band area which caused me to swell up a bit... which was causing the aspiration and the heartburn. So I am going to wait 3-4 weeks and go back in for another fill.

I don't like losing those fills but I respect the band to much to let it go irritated. This is my gift and I will be kind to it and my body!

Also: most bands should be at a 45 degree angle.. mind is at 70 degree which is a little odd but the Dr. said that could just be normal for my body.



Darlin1 said...

Wow Heather....that was awesome! Thanks for sharing....who would of thought?

Anonymous said...

I know I am way behind...but thanks to you and hubby's phone camera a for that. Excellent.