Monday, December 5, 2011

188.4 WOWSERS!

Oh yeah! This was one of those crying moments...

Weight loss has slowed down dramatically but it's moments like this that remind me that my weight is still going down... (not up).

I think that means I am only 8 lbs away from being at my intial goal weight of 180. Not really sure where I will go from there... since I never really ever expected to get there. LOL!

I am in unmarked territory for sure.

On a side note: I went and saw my DR last week. Just to talk and see if I needed a fill or if I should stay where I was at. Ended up that the Dr. took OUT .3, yes that is right took OUT .3... I almost started crying in her office. I guess my few episodes of waking up in the middle of night with reflux made her nervous. So we scheduled a fluro for this Wednesday and she sent me on my way. I have to say... that I haven't felt much difference in losing .3 of my fluid. I was beyond scared that I would be starving but I feel the same as before. Interesting.

I'll keep you posted on my fluro results after my appointment.

HAPPY 188lbs to me...


1 comment:

Darlin1 said...

Good for you!

I'm sure the fluro will be great!