Thursday, September 16, 2010

Random Thoughts...

This picture cracks me up... it's the ultimate in "being a kid" sitting on the counter, making cookies, flour everywhere... grin. Oh the joys of being a kid!!

My 2 year old son, Explorer, is on the left and my nephew who currently lives with us is on the right... we will just call him Toothless, for the time being. (He looks like a vampire biting that spoon, poor toothless kid...) Cracks me up!

Any Who.... news in the health department. I am perfectly fine and healthy according to all tests. Something is still messed up but I am hoping that adding in a little hormone through a small daily pill will even out my "girly flows" and get me to feeling better. Something is amiss even if I am perfectly healthy. Dang, band... I think it boils down to this... losing all this weight has triggered some hormonal swing that is trying to balance it's self out. I'll get to that good place soon.

OH! and my foot feels grand!! Life is good! No more excuses.... he, he, he.

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amandakiska said...

Love it!

peytonsmom said...

it's all about the hormones! lol clue u in on a private email!

Lap Band Gal said...

Cute!! Glad that your foot feels better