Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I am challenging YOU!

Back from our Labor Day Festivities... good times all around. But I probably ate to many roasted marshmallows. lol.

Stayed two nights up in the Unita Mountains with our family and two very dear friends. It was FABULOUS.

Of course, it was FREAKIN COLD at night and my poor toes suffered but survived. It was 24 degrees on Sunday morning. A little two cold for this fair weather camper. buuurrrrrrr.....

Decided to start a 2 week cleanse! STARTING TODAY, I am taking away my two favorite vices for the next two weeks... no CHIPS or CHOCOLATE CANDY.
AHHHHHH...... it's going to be a challenge that's for sure!

Wanna join me? What are your no-no's? Are YOU up for a little challenge??

If so, post below, give me your start date and let's see how we feel about it after two weeks.

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--Hey said...

Starting 9/7/10 Ending 9/22/10



Bonnie said...

I could really do without alcohol, but I'm going away for a girls' vacation this weekend, so I can't commit to a cleanse. I know, I know - always an excuse. Good luck on yours.

Gilly said...

Well...I should give up wine...but I'm not gonna!

Good luck with yours!!

--Hey said...

Hey Gilly at least you are honest! lol! Bonnie.. sounds like fun. hmmm... I need a girls vacation. Sounds divine!

peytonsmom said...

mmm Im already off of Coke since feb! I rock

--Hey said...

yah..you TOTALLY do! ; )