Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Good...

Life is crazy, good. : )

Actually, it's been REALLY, REALLY crazy. (sorry for the lack of posts)

The biggest "crazy" factor is that I took on a part time job. I am now an Asst. Manager for Christopher and Banks. It's darn perfect timing considering that I need a whole new wardrobe. he, he, he... it's been a fun challenge but going from a stay at home mom to a part time working mom is an adjustment.

Things on the weight loss front have been great as well. My sister has asked me a few times if I am peeing out my weight. lol. I am only a few lbs shy of being at 100 lbs down, since surgery. I had a fill about 1 1/2 months ago (I can't remember exactly) and HOLY SWEET SPOT. I am there baby... small meals and very little hunger in between meals. IT IS FREAKIN AMAZING!!!! All I could hope for and more... I feel great and I feel so much lighter ,healthier & happier. I really truly feel that I have been given a gift.

So, yep, life is good.

But to keep it real.. I'll mention a few other sides of life in my next few posts that aren't so perfect but are part of my journey.

Hope life is being good to you too...


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Heather said...

I am glad to hear that the weight loss is going well. I love Christopher & Banks!