Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Bad...

Along with the good, there have been a few bad moments... so here are my confessions and random thoughts...

I haven't worked out, in like 4 weeks!!!! I actually made it to Kickboxing class today and I am hoping that I won't be horribly sore tomorrow. (I hate it when I can't sit on the toilet with out crying because my thighs hurt so bad - dang, stupid, squats!!)

I can totally feel the difference in my ability to workout after being away for so long. blah... no fun. Hoping I'll be feeling tough and strong again in a few weeks.
(I feel so wimpy using 3 lb weights but well, if that's all you can do than that's all you can do.. ) : )

MY EXCUSES: The reason I haven't worked out is because my husband's grandmother passed away and we had to make an emergency funeral trip down to Texas (which is a decent excuse) but the rest of the time I had sick kids, sick me and of course I can blame alot on my new job and my lack of planning.

So yep... some bad moments. I am too tired right now to post any more tonight but stay tuned for the "Ugly... post" I am going to write next... I have had some real lessons in banding this last month.

(My oldest son and I at the funeral.. what a little stud)

(my hottie husband and me at the funeral.... and yes that is a Christopher and Banks jacket... lol)


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Anonymous said...

At least you've gone back, good on you!!!!! :-)