Monday, December 20, 2010


Me and my oldest

Not much going on over here... just preparing for the man in the red suit to make his appearance. The kids can hardly wait! O.K. I can hardly wait... he, he, he.

But I swear, if any more of my "friends" bring me goodies. I am marking you off my friends list, FOR GOOD! Can we yell "SABOTAGE"!!!

I know, I know, I should really have more will power but I am 4 lbs away from 80 lbs lost and I don't see that scale moving very quickly! My three meals a day are normal bandster size but my snacking in between is well... completely out of control. I just find myself walking by the goodies and grabbing a handful (or two).

I tell the kids to eat all they want when ever the goodies arrive... because I try to quickly move it to the... (DON'T TELL THEM! They have been known to go to great lengths to retrieve some things)... the garbage can. But dang it, no sooner than I get it moved off the counter, some other "friend" brings some goodies by.

Last year, I enjoyed all the goodies and even did my own sharing of goodies but I am a changed women! A true friend would save you, from yourself! : )

Anyways... I keep telling myself that we only have a week left of goody sharing. I will do my best until then.

Good luck to you, too!



DiZneDiVa said...

Tis the season of the Food pimp... Eff Eff Eff Eff Eff Eff Eff Eff U! LOL... i have been steering clear of them pretty well. We'll they're all preparing for the new Lent of the New Year's Resolution... We are trying to walk the walk... since we used to talk the talk! Thanx... It's the thought that counts... or the lack of thought at least. Be strong. it will all be behind us soon, just like our new "Less junk in the trunk" behinds. Merry Christmas!

--Hey said...

AGREE!!! I love the name food pimp! Totally stealing that one.... LOL!

Stephanie M. said...

HAHAHA! My adorable 25 year old guy co-worker has been protecting me from the food pimps. He tells me something disgusting every time someone mentions a new treat in the break room (such as that he saw so-and-so knuckle deep in the nostril before they tore through the pile of cookies). At least I have one defender! (By the way - cute hat in that pic...must knit myself something like that.)