Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Got a small adjustment fill today.

DR. added just .25cc... I was hoping for .5cc. I can go back in for a free fill in two weeks and get another.25cc if I still think I need it. On liquids today and I'll see how this week goes.

Bummer news is that they upped the cost for my fill. Use to be $75.00, it's now $97.50. Geez, thanks for keeping it under$100.00 by .50 cents. sigh. Oh well.. it could be a lot worse.



Darlin1 said...

No kidding ---my fills are $290 or ??? if I go with fill USA.

Bonnie said...

Geez! Good thing you can go back in for free if you need it.

amandakiska said...

I pay $175 for a fill so $97.50 sounds pretty good to me!

I'm sending good restriction vibes your way!